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Thinking about outsourcing your maintenance services? You're not alone.

For a variety of reasons, the trend towards outsourcing janitorial and other building services continues. Outsourcing janitorial services allows building managers to focus on their core operations.

Handling janitorial services in-house adds to your costs because you have to hire someone to oversee scheduling, benefits, staffing and all the other details. When you hire a contractor, this administrative overhead is built into the rate.

Outsourcing also makes it less difficult to secure part-time help as needed, based on the peaks and valleys of your building operations.

Also, outsourcing often insures better training, more thorough background screening, staff continuity and greater liability coverage, which can be extremely attractive.

While subcontracting of janitorial services has sometimes been viewed as simply a way of keeping down salaries and benefits, it also insures that building owners comply with all federal and state labor laws and regulations.

SV CLEAN Building Services will show you how you can save money and increase quality with its unique approach to total facility maintenance.